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Blood Meal
- Excellent source of nitrogen for organic gardening.
- Practical for small plots.
- ¼ cup / 9 sq ft around individual plants.

Cottonseed meal
- One of the best sources of slow release nitrogen for organic gardening.
- High level of N for an organic product (6-7%).
- Use as is around acid loving plants and with lime for others.
- Good for feeding trees and shrubs.
- Use 5 lb / 100sq ft in plant beds.

Composted cow manure
- Source of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium for organic gardening.
- Adds organic material and improves texture of soil.
- Improves aeration in clay soils and water retention in sandy soil.
- Use 5-8 lb / sq ft (about 1 ½” thickness) mixed into top 6” of soil.

Mushroom Compost
- Composted growing medium used for mushroom growing.
- Adds nutrients, organic material, and beneficial microbes to the soil.
- Recommended to use along with composted cow manure.
- Spread 3” – 4” thick and mix into top 6” soil.

Organic Potting Mix
- Formulated from all organic materials (peat, forest products, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, limestone).
- Includes an organic fertilizer.

Black castings
-  All natural organic fertilizer produced by earthworms.
-  Multiple uses include lawns, gardens, containers, existing trees and shrubs.
-  Contains humic acid which enhances nutrient availability.
-  Use 1 part to 4 parts of soil for planting vegetables and flowers.
-  Use ½” to 1” to topdress containers.
-  Use about 4 cups around roses and shrubs.
-  Use 10lb / 100 sq ft of lawn seed bed.

Bio-tone Starter Plus
-  Organic product for helping get new plants established faster through the stimulation of root growth.
-  Contains organic nutrients and beneficial fungi and bacteria.
-  Excellent for use with transplants and repotting.
-  Mix about 1 / 3 lb into 1 cu ft of potting mix.        
-  Use about 2 / 3 lb to plant a 5 gallon container plant.

Crab Shell fertilizer
-  Organic fertilizer rich in calcium and magnesium.
-  Recommended for planting flowers, vegetables, and bulbs.
-  Can be used mixed into planting beds and potting mixes or applied as a top dressing.
-  Use 3 lb / 100 sq ft for gardens.

Rock phosphate
-  An acceptable source of phosphorus for organic gardening.
-  Phosphorus is reasonably available in finely pulverized form but availability is enhanced with the addition of organic matter.
-  Use 5 – 10 lb / 100 sq ft along with 25 lb composted cow manure.

Bone meal
-  Good source of phosphorus and nitrogen for organic gardening.
-  Slowly released phosphorus helps develop sturdy roots and stimulate blooms and fruit production.
-  Excellent supplement for bulbs, flowers, and roses.
-  Use 5 lb / 100 sq ft of lawn.
-  Use 10 lb / 100 sq ft in gardens.
-  Use 1 – 2 lb around trees and shrubs.

Green Sand
-  A source of potassium for organic gardening.
-  The 7% potassium content is all readily available to plants.
-  Helps soil absorb and hold water (acts more like clay than sand).
-  Derived from oceanic deposits that also contain silicates, lime, and iron.
-  Recommended for smaller areas. Use ¼ lb / sqft.
-  Use in flower beds and gardens.

Wood Ashes
-  Hardwood ashes are another source of potassium for organic gardening.
-  Spread about 1” thick and mix into top 6” soil.
-  Limited availability.

Pelletized Limestone
-  Used to raise the pH of acid soils.
-  Also useful in helping neutralize toxic elements, improve soil structure, promote healthy bacterial growth, and
enhance availability of nutrients.
-  Source of calcium and magnesium.
-  Made from ground limestone that is formed into pellets with an organic binder.
-  Slow acting.
-  Use 40 – 80 lb / 1000 sq ft on lawns.

-  Helps prevent compaction and loosens heavy clay soils.
-  Improves aeration and drainage in potting mixes.
-  Made from natural volcanic material that is expanded by heat.
-  Recommend about 20% by volume in soil mixes.

-  Natural source of calcium and sulfur.
-  Does not alter soil acidity.
-  Improves structure of clay soils.
-  Neutralizes harmful salts from animals, ice melt, and inorganic fertilizers.
-  Use about 20 lb / 100 sq ft for gardens.
-  Use about 40 lb / 1000 sq ft on established lawns.  

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